Risen3D 2.2

Risen3D is a Doom Port made to bring new life to Doom-based games
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Risen3D is an advanced Doom port developed by Graham Jackson. The port is based on the original Doomsday engine port. Its purpose is to update the classic Doom-based games into the 3D era. The port can handle practically any game that uses the Doom engine (saving data in the IWAD files). This includes the classics Hexen and Heretic, as well as all the Doom saga. The port allows you to use 3D accelerated graphics and make it even better with texture and model packs available from the community. It has very nice features not available in Doomsday. For example, it has not one but two very useful launchers so you can find your IWAD files, get the desired data from them and configure the game the way you wish. There is also a pretty nifty control panel in-game, where you can change resolution, display, sounds, controls and other options. However, the port does suffer from some performance issues that could be seen in Doomsday. Although that is not surprising, it really gives you nothing better than Doomsday. Still, it is a very stable port that Doom fans should try.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good graphics support
  • Nice control panel
  • Useful Launcher


  • Some performance issues
  • Some issues with IWADs
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